If your company composes email messages where there are more people in the address list than there is text in the message...you might be an IBM Domino candidate.

If your company has business processes where you can not afford to miss a key step along that process...you might be an IBM Domino candidate.

Why IBM Domino?

IBM offers an amazing amount of functionality packaged into one server:

Domino provides you with tremendous development options. Your company may not need to roll-out the IBM Notes client to everyone's desktop. IBM has focused heavily on providing the rich functionality of the Domino server to the web via browsers. In fact many companies choose to use Domino as their web server and not even roll-out the Notes client to the enterprise desktop machines. The company can rollout the iNotes web mail client or IBM Verse, the new most robust web mail application today. In addition they can use templates to build applications that provide discussion databases to facilitate knowledge management and collaboration. Applications built with the IBM Notes standard templates are of course generic but highly valuable and many companies do not have a need to customize these application beyond their vanilla design. For more specific, customized and high-powered applications, Domino provides a rich integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers to take advantage of the most modern programming techniques like HTML, Java, CSS, XML, XPages and more. Web applications can be developed using Domino much more rapidly than with conventional means because you have everything you need in one Domino server. The Domino server is your database, your web server, your graphical user interface, your middleware, your Java servlet engine, everything! Of course, very high-end applications may require a more complicated architecture incorporating a relational database server such as an SQL or IBM DB2 Server, but there are many opportunities to utilize the Power of Domino to create real world business solutions.

The following are excerpts from IBM's web site to give you a brief glimpse into IBM's philosophy:

What we do

IBM's software products and services rest on the company's unique understanding of the ways individuals and businesses are working together successfully today. Through practical knowledge management, e-business, and other ground-breaking ways to connect the world, the company is redefining the concept of conducting business.

The IBM vision

Connected communities that shrink the world; Access to ideas that expand the world.

IBM's core beliefs

- We have a passion for winning by providing superior value to customers.
- We are empowered individuals working together as a team.
- We encourage personal development and social contributions beyond the workplace.

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